STP Principles and Configurations Quiz Answers HCIA Datacomms


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1. By default, a switch runs RSTP.


Single-answer question:
2. The bridge IDs of SW1, SW2, SW3, and SW4 are 4096.4c1f-aabc-102a, 4096.4c1f-aabc-102b, 4096.4c1f-aabc-001a and 8192.4c1f-aabc-112b, respectively. If the four switches are on the same Layer 2 network and have STP enabled, which switch acts as the root bridge?


3. What is the default Forward Delay value in STP?


4. The root ID, bridge ID, interface ID, and root path cost (RPC) are the main fields used to determine priorities of configuration BPDUs. To select a superior configuration BPDU, in which of the following sequences does a switch compare these fields?


Multiple-answer question:
5. Which of the following fields are contained in a configuration BPDU?




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